«NPK Morsvyazavtomatiсa»

Communication and interface converters


NMEA signal amplifier

ADS-111 is designed to amplify the output signal amplitude. The amplitude is regulated by the user with the potentiometer installed on the circuit plate.


NMEA 0183 to AD-10S converter

The NTA-115 is designed to convert ship course data received in NMEA 0183 sentences into AD-10S format. The unit connects devices not equipped with AD-10S-output to various Furuno equipment.


Course Translator

The DAC-109 is designed to convert digital course data received in the NMEA sentences into the synchrosignals required to control analog repeaters and other selsyn-based devices.
The unit may be used as a digital repeater to display the current course data.


Pulse width controller

The IWR Pulse width controller harmonizes the pulse time of different radio navigation equipment.
Regardless of the output pulse time, the IWR-123 regulates the output signal within 10-300 microseconds.


Transformer module

The T-140 is designed to convert sound signals of different amplitudes within wide bandwidth, providing low distortion and noise suppression.


Analog-digital converter

The ADPC-101 is designed to digitize obsolete analog signals from gyrocompasses and logs into NMEA 0183 format and transmit converted data to the relevant navigation equipment.