Analog-to-digital converter (Gyrocompass and log signals)

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The ADPC-101 is designed to digitize obsolete analog signals from gyrocompasses and logs into NMEA 0183 format and transmit converted data to the relevant navigation equipment.
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Technical specifications
Power supply voltage 10…36 VDC
Current consumption max 150 mA
Connected equipment
Gyrocompasses -synchro type
-stepper type
Logs -stepper (pulses) type
-with closing contact interface
Output signal
Output signal format NMEA-0183 1-3 (IEC-61162) with line checksum
Number of NMEA-0183 line options 63 (configured)
Range of measured values Data accuracy
Speed 0…99,9 knots 0,1 knots
Course 0…359,9 degrees 0,1 degrees
Input signal
Sine voltage of synchro windings +
Voltage pulses + (stepper type compass)
Voltage max 350 V
Gyro ratio 360x, 240x, 180x, 90x, 60x, 36x
Frequency max 500 Hz
The rate of turn max 80 degrees/s
Voltage pulses + (stepper type interface)
Closing contact +
Voltage max 350 W
The number of pulses per mile 100/200/300/400/500/600