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Pulse width controller


Pulse width controller

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The IWR Pulse width controller harmonizes the pulse time of different radio navigation equipment.
Regardless of the output pulse time, the IWR-123 regulates the output signal within 10-300 microseconds.
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Technical specifications
Dimensions 70x30 mm
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С
Weight 0.1 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage 8…20 VDC
Max current consumption 100 mA
Number of input ports 1
Amplitude of signal (0.6…1)*Vcc
Signal time 5…300 µs
Resistance 2.2 kOhm
Number of output ports 1
Adjustment range of signal 10…300 µs
Amplitude of signal Vcc…0.5 V
Maximum load current 30 mA