Port expander

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ERP-128 Port Expander is designed to provide more computer ports, COM (RS232, RS422) and Ethernet, through PCI bus. (The card is not designed for independent application and shall be used together with the computer only).
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General characteristics
ERP-128 ERP-128-6R4
Overall dimensions 135x120x20 mm 186x50x35 mm
Storage temperature -60…+70 °С
Operating temperature -20…+55 °С
Weight 0,095 kg 0,11 kg
Operating characteristics
Supply voltage 5 V (from the PCI slot of PC's motherboard) 5 V и 12 V
The number of output ports 2xCOM-ports (RS-232)
1xLAN port (100 Mbit/s)
6xCOM-ports (RS-422)
Connector for remote control button
Ports protection short circuit galvanic isolation