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Data conversion and distribution devices

MFC-151 / MFC-151

Multifunctional converter

Multifunction converter MFC-151 has a wide range of features that allows you to flexibly manage NMEA protocol messages.


Amplifier-multiplier of NMEA signals

The MDU-102 is designed for the multiplication of NMEA 0183 signals, version 1-3 (IEC 61162-1, 61162-2) or other serial data transmissions via RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces from one or two sources. The unit provides a checksum test for data received on the first channel.


NMEA 0183 signal multiplicator

The ADU-202 is designed for the amplification and multiplication of NMEA 0183 signals, version 1 and 2, or other serial data transmissions via RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces. An integrated summarizer combines the input NMEA 0183 sentences and transmits the results to one or two output groups, depending on the jumpers’ position on the printed circuit board.


Bidirectional RS-232/422 converter

Bidirectional RS-232/422 converter RS-104 is designed for direct and reverse conversion of RS-232 signals to RS-422.


NMEA Data combiner

The NC-117 is designed to receive messages from NMEA 0183 - compatible sources over 8 RS-232/422 inputs and 1 USB port, combine acquired messages in various combinations according to user settings and transmit them from 4 RS-232/422 outputs or one USB port to receivers compatible with NMEA 0183 protocol.


Summator-combiner of NMEA signal (sentences)

The Product is intended to receive NMEA messages through four input ports with RS-232 and RS-422/485 interface support, combine the messages according to the customer settings and send them through 12 output ports with RS-232 and RS-422/485 interface support.
The Product allows for receiving and combining messages of other standards if they are separated by “carriage return” (CR) and (or) “line feed” (LF).


Multipurpose data converter

The DFR-118 data converter is designed to process received NMEA data and repeat them to units connected to the converter output port. Depending on the software used, the unit is capable to filter and change baud and frequency rate of the data stream, adjust letter and digit of the NMEA sentences and add a checksum.