Battery control panel

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The BCP-136 allows remote setting of power supply units/battery chargers CH-105 and PCH-205. The device controls the status of connected storage batteries, indicating current charge/discharge and voltage data. In of a power voltage failure and battery discharge the BCP-136 triggers sound and light alarm. Install in a dry environment (IP22).
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Technical specifications
Dimensions (with bracket) 211x117x55 mm (255x143.5x65 mm)
IP rating IP 22 (IP 65 optionally)
Storage temperature -55…+70 °С
Operating temperature -20…+55 °С
Weight 2 kg
Power supply voltage 10…36 V DC
Power consumption max 2.5 W
Galvanic isolation from power mains +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection + (fuse)
Digital interface
Number of input ports 2
Supported interfaces RS-422
Max baudrate 115200 bit/s
Galvanic isolation +
Analog interface
Number of monitoring channels 2
Galvanic isolation of channels +
Measuring range Ushunt 80 mV
Measuring range Ubattery 0…36 V
Current measurement accuracy 0,1 А (format XX.X)
Voltage measurement accuracy 0.1 V (format XX.X)
Input resistance 0.8 MOhm