Battery control panel

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The Product ensures 365/12/24 control over SB condition displaying present values of charge (discharge) current and voltage. The BPC provides sound and light signaling in case of 220 V supply voltage failure, SB discharge and other emergencies.
Parameter Type
BPC-136 BPC-136-01
Main specifications
Rated input voltage DC, V  24 (10…36)*
Power consumption, W 3.0 2.5
Integrated protection
  • reverse polarity connection
  • overvoltage, overload and SC
  • galvanic isolation of supply mains
Number of connected SB (simultaneous), pcs. 2
Number of ports, pcs.** 2×RS-422 (analog and digital) 2×RS-422 (digital)
Digital interface specifications
Purpose data exchange with CH-105, PCH-205, BMU-126
Max. baudrate, bit/s 115200
Galvanic isolation +
Communication protocol proprietary
Connected units CH-105, PCH-205, BMU-126
Analog interface specifications
Purpose measurement of SB voltage and current passing through IS-138
Galvanic isolation of channels +
Measurement range Ushunt, mV 80
Measurement range Ubat, V 0…36
Current measurement accuracy, А 0.01
Voltage measurement accuracy, V 0.01
Input impedance, MΩ 0.8
Permissible shunt resistance, μм 1…9990
Connected units IS-138 and other shunt-based devices
General specifications
Protection degree IP22
Limiting temperature, °С –55…+70
Operating temperature, °С –15…+55
Mounting panel; desk-top on a bracket
Weight, kg 1.68


1 «*» – supply voltage range is given in parenthesis.

2 «**» – external units are connected to one or several ports (simultaneous), using only one of the abovementioned interfaces.