Power supply unit (built-in storage battery)

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The BPS-114 uninterruptable power supply unit with a maximum rated power 200W is designed to operate with single-phase mains of 50-60 Hz 110/220 VAC and to provide uninterruptable power for equipment with an input voltage of 12 VDC. The unit has a built-in storage battery with automatic switch over in of a power supply failure.

A power failure actuates the closing of built-in dry relay contacts and triggers a sound/light alarm. A current charge level and power level indicators are on the front panel.

The BPS-114 has a galvanic isolation between the power mains/load and current overload protection. Installation in a dry environment (IP22).
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Technical specifications
Storage temperature -10…+60 °C
Operating temperature -30…+70 °C
Dimensions 384x233x102 mm
Weight 6 kg
Input voltage 19…36 V DC
Output voltage 24 V DC
Coefficient of efficiency min 88%