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Power Supply unit / charger


Power Supply unit / charger

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The PCH-205 power supply / automatic battery charger is designed to operate with single-phase mains 50-60 Hz 110/220VAC and provide 24VDC to shipborne systems and other industrial equipment with a total capacity of up to 1000 W. Combined with power supply, the PCH-205 charges connected storage batteries automatically. In of a main power failure the unit switches the load to the storage battery automatically.

Two options are available for the PCH-205:

Option 1: a built-in control and indication panel, providing charge mode settings and battery status display.
Option 2: basic design w/o a built-in control. The device can be optionally equipped with the external battery control panel BCP-136.

The PCH-205 shall be installed in a dry environment (IP22). It has a power supply and SB mains reverse polarity protection, current overload protection in the battery and load circuit. Deep discharge protection. The thermal sensor DTS-135 allows for controlling the battery temperature on the PCH-205 screen.




(integrated control)


(basic design)

Input voltage AC, frequency 50 (60) Hz, V


(180 to 264)*


(90 to 132)*


(180 to 264)*


(90 to 132)*

Output voltage DC, V

24 ± 10 %

Output voltage if powered from Storage battery (hereinafter – SB), V

SB 24 V

19.2 to 30.0

SB 12 V

9.8 to 18.0

Output current of built-in charger, А

0.2 to 20.0

Output voltage of built-in charger, V

9.0 to 30.0

Rated output current, А


Rated power of built-in power supply, W


Rated power of built-in charger, W


Power consumption, W


Capacity of connected SBs, A·h

SB 24 V


SB 12 V


SB charge time up to 80 % capacity, hours

 max 10

Number of terminals to connect load to built-in power supply, pcs.


Terminals of built-in charger to connect SB, pcs.


Operating temperature, °С

–15 to +55

Limiting temperature, °С

–60 to +70

Protection degree


Mounting type



current, А

accuracy ±0.2

voltage, V

accuracy ±0.1

Built-in protection

-  galvanic isolation of output power from power mains;

-  reverse polarity SB connection;

-  deep discharge protection of SB (at option);

-  overheating protection if applied DTS-135

Functions of control and monitoring

-  keyboard to control SB charge current and voltage;

-  select of deep discharge mode;

-  digital LCD for SB’s current and charge;

-  LEDs for operation modes;

– built-in sound and light alarm signaling;

-  alarm mute button (sound)

-  LED for operation mode;

-  built-in sound and light alarm signaling;

-  alarm mute button (sound)

Alarm signal sources

-  built-in: relay contacts, sound signal, light indicator (LED);

-  external (connected additional units): AU-106 (AU-206), BCP-136


-  loss (failure) of power supply voltage;

-  exceeding the preset limits of SB charge current and voltage;

-  no connection to SB (SB circuit rupture, reverse polarity SB connection, SC in SB circuit);

-  SB discharge

* Power supply voltage range is given in brackets.