«NPK Morsvyazavtomatiсa»

Lighting, indication and power regulation devices


Dimmer DM-207

Dimmer DM-207 is designed to control brightness of marine displays MV-хх04, MV-хх05 types, where “хх” — is a conventional size of screen diagonal and terminal DR-209М produced by NPK MSA LLC.



Dimmer DM-107 is designed to control electric power of resistive (illuminating lamps, resistors, etc.) or inductive load (solenoids, valves, motors, etc.)


Reception and control device (10/20 channels)

The DMS-112 Reception and control device displays channel status, voltage supply (5-220V) and ensures smooth lamp dimming (max 20 lamps, max power of each 2.4 W).



Lamps L-112-12, L-112-24 are designed to provide lighting of consoles and navigation equipment at night. Gooseneck holder ensures easy adjustment; base element with two holes enables to attach the lamp securely to any surface. To turn the lamp on (off), use a toggle switch on the casing.