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Digital-analogue converter

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DAC-109 Heading Translator is designed for translation the digital value of the heading got in an NMEA sentence into the synchronization signals required to control the analog repeaters and other autosyn-based devices.
DAC-109 may be used as a digital repeater to display the current heading value.
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Technical specifications
Dimensions 420.8x266x86.5 mm
IP rating IP 22
Storage temperature -55…+70 °С
Operating temperature -20…+55 °С
Weight 6 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage 18…32 VDC
Max total power consumption of connected selsyns 250 W
Frequency of output AC voltage 50 Hz / 500 Hz
Galvanic isolation from power mains +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection + (fuse)
Digital inputs
Number of digital inputs 2 (main, reserve)
Supported interfaces RS-232, RS-422/485
Max baud rate 115200 bit/s
Optoisolation +
Supported protocols NMEA 0183 version 1-3
Supported NMEA sentences HDG, HDT, HDM
Maximum number of connected synchro receivers 8
Types of connected analogue repeaters Synchro/Step