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Data terminal

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DT-310 Data Terminal is a panel computer in a single housing with its LCD. The device may be used - independently or in combination with other equipment – as a computer, monitoring, indication or control device at the customer’s discretion.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 290x243x118 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 22
Storage temperature -30…+70 °С
Operating temperature -15…+55 °С
Weight 4,15 kg
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9…36 VDC
Power consumption not more than 40 W
Galvanic isolation from the supply mains +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection +
Operating characteristics
Computer specifications:
Processor Vortex86DX 800 GGz
RAM 128 MB DDR2 (256 MB optionaly)
Hard disk, type 1.0 GB, SSD (Compact Flash) (2.0 GB – optionaly)
Internal display specifications:
Display size 10,4"
Resolution 800x600 (SVGA)
Viewing angle 160°
Contrast ratio 700:1
Luminosity 300 cd/m2→400 cd/m2
Response time 30 ms (Gray-to-gray)
Lighting type light-emitting-diode (LED), “deep” dimming