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NMEA buffer, amplifier, distributor and multiplexor

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NMEA buffer MDU-102 is designed for distribution multiplication and amplifying of the NMEA 0183 signals, version 1 - 3 (IEC 61162-1, 61162-2), or other signals in case of serial data communication through RS-232 and RS-422/485 interfaces from one or several sources. The device provides back-up channel switching function and verification of the checksum of the data coming through the first channel. Compatible with our previous model ADU-102.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 194x117x29 mm
IP rating IP 22
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С
Weight 0.5 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage 10…36 VDC
Power consumption Max 3 W
Galvanic isolation from power mains +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection + (fuse 1 A)
Characteristics of input ports
Number of input ports 2 (CH1, CH2)
Supported interfaces RS-232, RS-422/485
Max baudrate 115200 bit/s
Optoisolation of input ports +
Characteristics of out puts
Number of output ports 8 (2x4)
Number of output groups 2 (A and B)
Galvanic isolation of output ports 4 - non-isolated,
4 - isolated
Supported interfaces RS-232, RS-422/485
Max baud rate 115200 bit/s