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Data combiner (8 outputs, 4 inputs, USB)

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NC-117 Data Combiner is designed to receive the messages from the NMEA signal sources through the eight RS-232/422 input ports, summarize and combine the received messages according to the customer settings and send them through the three RS-232/422 output ports and through the USB port to the NMEA 0183 signal users.
The device may receive and combine messages of other standards provided that they are separated with "carriage return" (CR) and “line advance” (LF) symbols.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 194x117x29 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 22
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С
Weight not more than 0,4 kg
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9…36 VDC
Power consumption не более 3 Вт
Galvanic isolation +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection + (fuse)
Characteristics of input ports
Number of input channels 8xRS-232/422 (or 7xRS-232/422 + 1xUSB)
Baud rate from 2400 to 115200 bit/s
Optically isolated inputs +
Characteristics of output ports
Number of output channels 3xRS-232/422 + 1xUSB
Baud rate from 2400 to 115200 bit/s
Galvanic isolation +