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Uninterrubtable power supply (110/220 VAC - 24 VDC, 300 W)

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BPS-114-24 Power Unit is designed for use as an uninterruptible power supply unit for the consumers of 24VDC nominal input voltage and 12A total current consumption. The primary circuit for BPS-114-24 shall be represented by a single-phase AC circuit of 110/220VAC voltage and 50 Hz frequency.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 410x295x205 mm
IP rating IP 22
Storage temperature -20…+60 °С
Operating temperature -10…+50 °С
Weight 16 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage ~110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage, operation from input circuit 110/220 V AC 27.5 VDC
Output voltage, operation from built-in battery 19.2…24.8 VDC
Rated load current, operation from input circuit 110/220 V AC 12 А
Operation time from built-in battery with load 10 А min 60 minutes
Tripping current 20 А
Coefficient of efficiency 70%
Power 320 W
Battery built-in, maintenance-free gel, 2 pcs. 12 V 16 А*h, dimensions (181x76x167)