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Uninterrubtable power supply (110/220 VAC - 12 VDC, 200 W)

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BPS-114 Power Unit is designed for use as an uninterruptible power supply unit for the consumers of 12VDC nominal input voltage and 12A total current consumption. The primary circuit for BPS-114 shall be represented by a single-phase AC circuit of 110/220VAC voltage and 50 Hz frequency.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 433x305x128 mm
IP rating IP 22
Storage temperature -20…+60 °С
Operating temperature -10…+50 °С
Weight 10 kg
Electrical characteristics
Power supply voltage ~110/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage, operation from input circuit 110/220 V AC 14.5 VDC
Output voltage, operation from built-in battery 9.6…13.5 VDC
Rated load current, operation from input circuit 110/220 V AC 12 А
Operation time from built-in battery with load 10 А min 60 minutes
Tripping current 20 А
Coefficient of efficiency 70%