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Bearing repeater

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DR-309.2B Bearing Repeater is applied to repeat the ship-heading data received from the gyro compasses, gyro indicators or other navigation systems through RS232/422 digital interface in NMEA (IEC 61162) standard.
The repeater combined with the optical direction finder allows determining the complex bearings of the land objects or celestial bodies being visible from the ship.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 285x238x210 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 67
Storage temperature -55…+70 °С
Operating temperature -20…+55 °С
Weight ~17 kg
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 10…36 VDC
Power consumption not more than 20 W
Galvanic isolation from the supply mains +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection +
Inputs characteristics
Number of inputs 1
Supported interfaces RS-232/RS-422
Maximum baud rate 115200 bit/s
Optical isolation +
Types of supported sentences $xxHDT, $xxHDG, $xxHDM
Output characteristics
Number of ports 1
Supported interfaces RS-232/RS-422
Maximum baudrate 115200 bit/s
Operating characteristics
Follow-up rate >20 °/s
Scale interval of coarse count
Scale interval of fine count 0,05°
Settle point error of heading ±0,05°
Static error ±0,05°
Dynamic error ±0,1°