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Batteryless telephone equipment with talk-back, type «БТС-1006»

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The BLTS-1006 battery less telephone system ensures telephone communication both in routine operation and emergencies, when internal communication systems or power fail.

  • The system provides pair, broadcast, selective and conference communication among the stations (max 24);
  • The system can be used as public address system;
  • Communication and addressed calls are available from any system unit;
  • Communication in harsh environments
    • when applied respiratory protection (using portable communication devices with microphones);
    • in noisy areas, max 130 dB (using headset or intercom helmet).
  • LEDs for power, call and inductor state of health;
  • Light and sound signals for incoming calls;
  • A headset and external in-call light signaling units can be connected;
  • Automatic switchover to standby power in case of a power supply failure;
  • Various configurations of telephone networks can be designed (subscribers are connected by dedicated or multiple channels);
  • Depending on the modification, the units can be installed on open decks or inside, including noisy areas; hinge, desktop or console mounting.

  • Wiring diagram
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Power supply voltage batteryless (energy is supplied from generator rotation and accumulated energy)
external, from the mains 24V (18…36 VDC), loudspeaker mode
Number of users 2-24 (expandable)
Parallel connection devices:
1-line- PH-1LA, PH-1L, PH-1LR, PH-1RW
12-line - PH-12L, PH-12LR, PH-12LWP, PH-12LWP
24-line - PH-24L, PH-24LR, PH-24RW, PH-24LWP
Switching units (with isolated lines):
6-channel - PH-6, PH-6A
12-channel - PH-12, PH-12A
20-channel - PH-20, PH-20A
Operating mode Battery less communication, loudspeaker (if external power supply is available)
Communication time (self-contained power supply) For pair communication - min 10 min (after 1 rotation cycle of generator with the rate of rotation 3 rev/s within 3-5 s)
Communication line length max 400 m
Functional capabilities two types of in-calls signals
caller number identification (for devices equipped with LCD)
call mode selection (with or without camp-on)
Operating temperature -15…+55 °C – installation inside
-40…+55 °C – installation on open decks