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External sound reception system

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External sound reception system

The system receives external sound signals from all directions within bandwidth 70-820Hz, rebroadcasts the received signals to the appropriate location and equipment, indicating the sound signals source direction in relation to the vessel.

    Features and advantages:
  • The basic system includes a sound signal receiver (main unit) and microphone unit;
  • 3 compact omnidirectional microphones are combined in a compact unit;
  • Signals are received within of 70-820 Hz (2100 Hz - at option), other signals are disregarded by the system;
  • Built-in heating allows sensors to operate in cold environment;
  • Additional repeater and loudspeaker can be connected.

  • Trigger threshold (exceeding the noise level);
  • Loudspeaker volume;
  • Backlight of the control buttons.

  • Overall and mounting dimensions
  • Functional scheme
  • Wiring diagram
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Loudspeaker power (built-in/external) 5W / 15W
Number of microphones 3 mics combined (omnidirectional)
Pitch of bearing indicator 15°
NS-201CU / NS-201R NS-201M
Operating temperature -15 °C .. + 55 °C -40 °C .. + 55 °C
Storage temperature -60 °C .. + 70 °C -60 °C .. + 70 °C