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Ship weather station ″Periscope″

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Periscope Ship Weather Station is designed to determine the weather data with a special meteorological sensor and visualize six weather parameters on DR-209M Data Terminal: wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, air temperature and relative humidity.
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General characteristics
Indicator Sensor
Overall dimensions 290x243x118 mm 238x115x115 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 22
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С -52…+60 °С
Weight 4,15 kg 0,65 kg
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9…36 VDC
Power consumption not more than 75 W
Galvanic isolation +
Reverse polarity protection +
Overvoltage protection +
Operating characteristics
Barometric pressure
Measurement range 600…1100 hPa
Accuracy ±0,5 hPa at 0…30 °C (+32…+86 °F)
±1 hPa at -52…+60 °C (-60…+140 °F)
Units of measurement hPa, Pa, Bar, mmHg, inHg
Air temperature
Measurement range -52…+60 °C
Accuracy at +20 °C (+68 °F) ±0,3 °C (±0,5 °F)
Units of measurement °F, °C
Relative humidity
Measurement range 0…100%
Accuracy ±3% at 0…90%, ±5% at 90…100%
Units of measurement %
Wind speed
Measurement range 0…60 m/s
Accuracy ±3 m/s или ±2% at high speed
Units of measurement m/s, km/h, mph, knot
Wind direction
Measurement range 0…360°
Accuracy ±2°
Units of measurement degree
Units of measurement mm/h, inches/h