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Digital integrated Command Talk-Back System

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Digital talk-back public address system.

  • Talk-back public address communication for any navigational area;
  • The system includes units for humid and/or noisy areas, e.g. open decks;
  • ISDN communication.

    Features and advantages:
  • Several central units can be combined into a single system and operate together;
  • Main stations with priorities;
  • Individual or group selective calling;
  • Interfacing with external systems (command public address system, VDR, PBX, general alarm system, entertainment sources);
  • Direct-pair communication without connection to the central unit;
  • A user can call at any station using dialing units.

    Main stations:
  • The stations can also be used as substations;
  • Left and right wing stations allow a ship’s master to keep communication on at a distance from the main control panel, e.g. while docking;
  • System status indications.

    The system:
  • All stations can be easily connected to the central unit;
  • High jamming resistance, reliability and perfect communication quality;
  • Up to 700 m of communication lines;
  • The system can be installed using current cable passages.

  • Wiring diagram
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Communication link Digital two-wire, ISDN
Communication type Duplex, half-duplex
Sampling rate of audio signal 8 kHz
Capacity of audio signal 16 bit
Number of subscriber lines Up to 36
Bandwidth 100 – 8000 Hz
Ethernet expanding option +
Interfacing with the external systems (optionally) General alarm system
Command public address system
Voyage data recorder (VDR)
Entertainment source
Power supply voltage 18.5-36.0 VDC
Power consumption Defined by total consumed power of all the units included in the delivery set. For more information about power – see Operating Manual
The central unit protection Galvanic isolation from power mains
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit/overload protection
The central unit Substations
IP rating IP22 IP22, IP44 IP56
Operating temperature -15°…+55 °C -15°C…+ 55° -40°…+55 °C
Storage temperature -60°C…+ 70°C