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Propulsion systems


Propulsion-steering column control system ensures

SURK-1005 propulsion-steering column control system ensures:
– local, remote and automatic control of starboard and port propulsion-steering columns
– data are received from the sensors of propulsion system and electrical power system
– operational data on propulsion-steering columns, main power motor, electric propulsion motor, and electrical power system are output to control stations and external ship systems


Azimuth lever

Azimuth lever, LAT-219 type is designed to set rotation direction and (or) actuator speed remotely. LAT-219 type is applied in propulsion-steering column control systems (including rudder propeller complex with limited angle of column rotation), remote control system of diesel motor, water jet control system and other equipment.


Thruster remote control system TCS-1011

Thruster control system TCS-1011 controls the thruster, direction and speed of propeller rotation (by sending control signals to frequency converter), and all thruster units (frequency converter, electric motor, lubrication system, etc.).