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Propulsion-steering column control system ensures

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SURK-1005 propulsion-steering column control system ensures:
– local, remote and automatic control of starboard and port propulsion-steering columns
– data are received from the sensors of propulsion system and electrical power system
– operational data on propulsion-steering columns, main power motor, electric propulsion motor, and electrical power system are output to control stations and external ship systems
Parameter Value
Power supply main power:
  • 380 V, 50(60) Hz (three-phase)
  • 220 V, 50(60) Hz (three-phase)
  • 220 V, 50(60) Hz (single-phase)
  • 24 (18...36) V DC (w/o standard power supply unit)
standby power:
  • 380 V, 50(60) Hz (three-phase)
  • 220 V, 50(60) Hz (single-phase)
  • 24 V DC
autonomous operation mode ≤ 30 minutes (from standard power supply unit)
Built-in protection galvanic isolation:
  • up to 1500 V for power mains supply 220 V AC
  • up to 2000 V for power mains supply 380 V AC
Galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs
Types of inputs and outputs* interface inputs/outputs RS-422/485 (Modbus/RTU, NMEA) with galvanic isolation (signaling and power circuits)
analog inputs/outputs with galvanic isolation (signaling and power circuits):
  • inputs (4…20 mA, max. load 200 Ohm ±5 %)
  • outputs (4…20 mA, max. load 500 Ohm)
discrete inputs/outputs:
  • dry contact relay inputs (galvanic isolation of groups 4 pcs.)
  • dry contact outputs (not protected with fuses)
(30 V DC max. 5 A; 250 V AC max. 5 A)
Max. number of connected control panels 6 pcs. (using one switching unit)
* Actual number of used ports is specified according to customer’s technical specifications