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Warranty service statement

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC produces shipborne equipment that is sold and serviced within the territory of Russia and worldwide by NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC exclusively or through the partner network. Each partner of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC is authorized to provide service and maintenance of production.

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC provides maintenance of production under the warranty obligations of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC, regardless of those who have sold or installed a Product produced by the company.

Standard warranty of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC.

This warranty is provided for Customer having purchased production of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC.

The companies of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC partner network may provide their own warranty in relation to Customer / End user, and such warranty shall cover those conditions and events of occurrence covered by these warranty obligations of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC.

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC guarantees to Customer that equipment purchased by the Customer has been produced in compliance with specifications approved by NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC, tested and inspected by specialists of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC, approved for operation and dispatched to the Customer in operation condition.

During warranty terms, NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC remedies defects of equipment free of charge by repair or replacement of the equipment. A device provided for the replacement may be new or remanufactured, but in both cases the Manufacturer guarantees that device characteristics will not be worse than those of the replaced one.

Warranty terms for equipment supplied by NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC - 24 (twenty-four) months.

Warranty comes into operation from the date of equipment shipment to Customer subject to 100 % payment and only if installation and commissioning works were performed by specialists that have corresponding certificates allowing performance of such works and issued by Unicont SPb or NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC.

Warranty with prolonged terms may be purchased for some production on Customer request.

Warranty for remanufactured production or replaced parts is 6 (six) months from the date of repair and until the end of the original warranty, whichever expires later, herewith current warranty terms will be extended for the time of equipment repair.

Warranty does not cover consumables and parts subject to natural wear specified in Technical documentation.

Faulty parts replaced under Warranty are owned by NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC and shall be mandatory returned to a service centre.

Expenses of faulty equipment shipping to the service centre are paid by Customer. NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC pays only for standard shipping expenses from the service centre to Customer after warranty repair (services of transportation companies).

Customer’s overhead expenses, such as service / diagnostics works on vessel, insurance, telephone conversation, mounting / dismounting, product shipping to the Manufacturer service centre and other similar expenses are not covered by this Warranty.

Without restricting the generality of abovementioned, except gross negligence or willful misrepresentation, NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC shall not be liable for any other damage including loss of data, loss of profit, damages due to delays, and other incidental, subsequent or indirect expenses, resulting from failure of device or its temporary failure.

  Customer’s right to defend their interests if defective or non-conforming production has been received shall comply this this Warranty obligations and be limited to:

All abovementioned warranty obligations are entire and full and exclude other warranty and obligations.

The warranty does not cover:

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC shall reserve the right to refuse a warranty service to Customer in the following cases:

This written warranty is a complete, final agreement between NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC and Customer in relation to warranty service and technical support conditions. The Agreement covers all obligations of NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC in relation to warranty service of production purchased by the Customer.

Address and contacts of the Manufacturer's service centre:

NPK Morsvyazavtomatica LLC

26E, Kibalchicha str., 192174, St Petersburg, Russia

tel.: + 7 (812) 602-02-64

fax: +7 (812) 362-76-36

e-mail: service@unicont.com