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Ship weather station ″Periscope″


Ship weather station ″Periscope″

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The Periscope ship weather station is designed to measure, collect and display weather data.

Features and advantages

— Touch screen 8” or 10.4”, trackball (with adjustable pressure)/mouse
— Data output in NMEA format
— Data from weather sensors are obtained in NMEA, ASCII formats
— Built-in heating for operation in cold environment
— Received data are recorded in the ship’s log and exported into XLS format
— Pictorial or graphical types of data presentation (figures or line graphs)
— Different measurement units at option
— Water temperature sensor and 5 meteorological sensors are optionally available
— Some sensors are equipped with built-in GPS-receivers (gyrocompass and log connection is not required to define ship speed and course and calculate true wind parameters).
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Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Measurable atmospheric parameters* air temperature
water temperature
atmospheric pressure
wind direction and speed
air humidity
precipitation amount (rain, hail)
Additional data from external units vessel course from gyrocompass or GPS-receiver vessel speed from log or GPS-receiver (NMEA data according to standard IEC 61162-1, 2)
Displayed data air temperature
water temperature
atmospheric pressure
wind direction and speed (true and relative wind gusts)
air humidity
precipitation amount (rain, hail)
Data are presented in pictorial or graphical formats (figures or line graphs)
Update interval: 30 to 60 sec
Recording of the meteorological data into storage of system displays record interval: 1 to 3,600 sec
Data output to the external systems/units RS-422/RS-232 data baud rate 4800-115200 bit/s
Screen size 8” (1024×768, 4 : 3)
System control devices Trackball (mouse), touch screen
Power supply voltage 9.5 – 36.0 VDC
Max power consumption (including heating) 55 W
IP rating For units installed inside: IP22
On-deck units: IP66
Measurement units Atmospheric pressure – hPa, Pa, mm Hg, bar, in.Hg.
Air temperature - °C, °F
Relative humidity - %
Wind speed – m/s, km/h, miles per hour (mph), knots
Wind direction – degrees
Precipitation amount (rain, hail) – mm/h, inches per hour
* The accuracy and limits of measured atmospheric parameters differ and depend on the used weather sensors (see table above).