VDR/SVDR VHF-station interface

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The VI-116 is designed to interface voyage data recorders or simplified voyage data recorders with VHF-radio stations like Sailor RT-2048 (Debeg 6348, Husun 2048), Sailor RT-4822 (Debeg 6322, Husun 4822, Sperry 4822, Scanti VHF 1000 DSC) or Furuno FM-8500.
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Technical specifications
Dimensions 180x128x50 mm
IP rating IP 22
Storage temperature -60…+70 °С
Operating temperature -20…+55 °С
Weight 1.1 kg
Power supply voltage 10…36 VDC
Power consumption 500 mW
Max power of analog output signal 100 mW
Max amplitude of analog output signal 10 V
Frequency bandwidth 100-15000 Hz