About direction

NPK MSA has introduced a batch production of up-to-date module systems for energy storage Prometheus. The System suits a wide range of tasks and requirements in power and energy.

Prometheus System includes two types of energy storage:

  • UniEnergy
  • UniPower

Prometheus Systems are intended to ensure uninterruptible power supply to systems of megawatt class, electrical power supply of vessels with fully electric or hybrid propulsion systems, to store redundant electricity for solar and wind farms, to provide extra electricity power to grids in the peak hours and smooth out extra loads of power generating units.

Energy Storage Systems are manufactured in compliance with operating requirements for industrial sites and sea transport, providing excellent safety of energy storage modules.

All the main System components are the company’s proprietary development, produced on our own manufacturing site. Our full-cycle production starts with research and ends up with an ideal unit implementation into a customer task, warranty and post-warranty professional service.

During all life time of ESS we provide оnline 24/7 monitoring to detect and fix the problem within the shortest time including both warranty and post-warranty periods.

Possible applications:

  1. Sea and river transport
  2. Manufacturing industry
    • Industrial UPS (stationary and mobile)
    • Energy storage for power plants (to smooth out peaks and store excess energy)
  3. Telecoms and Data centers
    • UPS of basic mobile communication stations
    • UPS for data storage and processing centers
    • UPS for PBX
  4. Fast charge high power stations both off-grid and grid-connected for all kinds of EVs
  5. Home storage systems (modules 6-10 kW)