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Reception and control device (10/20 channels)

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The DMS-112 Reception and control device displays channel status, voltage supply (5-220V) and ensures smooth lamp dimming (max 20 lamps, max power of each 2.4 W).
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Technical specifications
Name DMS-112 DMS-112-10
Dimensions 285x126x60 mm 162x126x60 mm
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С
Weight 0.55 kg 0.3 kg
Power supply voltage 10…31 V DC
Current consumption max 2 А
Input voltage (ports "IN") 4.5…310 V DC
4…220 V AC
Output voltage 18…31 V DC
Max current consumption for each lamp 100 mA
Number of connected lamps 20 10
The input and output lamp terminals are optoisolated.