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Alarm unit (5 inputs)

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AU-206 Alarm Unit is designed for visual and sound notification of the ship driver of the actuation of the external alarm of some shipboard equipment that has output for the alarm unit triggered by dry contacts opening.
The device also has power output to control the external equipment. The output is regulated to stop the voltage supply if the alarm on some input channel is triggered.
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General characteristics
Overall dimensions 120x130x51,5 mm
Ingress protection rating IP 22
Storage temperature -55…+75 °С
Operating temperature -25…+55 °С
Weight not more than 0,7 kg
Electrical characteristics
Supply voltage 9…36 VDC
Maximum power consumption not more than 3W
Galvanic isolation from power supply circuit +
Protection from connection with reverse polarity power supply +
Overvoltage protection +
Characteristics of inputs/outputs
Numbers of inputs 5
Inputs type «Dry» contacts disconnection sensor
Power output voltage Equal to power supply voltage