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Public address system/ general alarm system, type «АКТС-1907»

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Public address system / General alarm system TPA-1907 is designed to provide command broadcasting, talk-back public address communication and alarm announcements on sea and river-going vessels of all navigation areas.

    Features and advantages:
  • Installation on sea and river-going vessels for all navigation areas;
  • Digital communication with high-noise immunity;
  • Wide-range communication (up to 700 m);
  • 6 independent zones;
  • Built-in power amplifier 200W or 400W, zone voltage 100V;
  • Built-in sound alarm generator;
  • Prior quality control of transmitted messages;
  • Ready to operation within 10 sec;
  • Interfacing with external ship systems (Automatic Telephone System (ATS), Voyage Data Recorder (VDR), Integrated Marine Automation Systems (IMAS));
  • The system can be installed using current cable passages (in case of ship amendment);
  • External radiobroadcast units and audio recorders can be connected.

  • Wiring diagram
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Output voltage of power amplifier 200 W
400 (200x2) W
Transmission zones voltage 100 V
Number of user lines per Central Unit Up to 6
Number of zones Up to 4
Number of connected alarm panels Up to 12
Number of amplifiers within the System 64
Number of Central Units within the System 16