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Thruster remote control system TCS-1011


Thruster remote control system TCS-1011

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Thruster control system TCS-1011 controls the thruster, direction and speed of propeller rotation (by sending control signals to frequency converter), and all thruster units (frequency converter, electric motor, lubrication system, etc.).TCS-1011 has three types of control

  • Local – using control panel of the local switchboard 1005-LSU
  • Remote – using one of remote control stations RCS in the wheelhouse and / or other ship rooms
  • Automatic – by dynamic positioning system and/or Joystick System           

Local control panel of switchboard LS is equipped with 8” resistive touch screen, produced by “NPK MSA”, and duplicating pointer indicators and controls.Microcontrollers of TCS-1011 are based on state-of-the-art processor with performance 180 mln flops. The system is created according to modular design principle with modular dual redundancy. The number of internal modules can be changed to increase input or output signals from thruster sensors and external ship systems.


  • Certificated by RMRS
  • Modular design principle with dual redundancy
  • Wide range of supported interfaces: RS-422/485 (Modbus, Profibus, NMEA), 4…20 mA, dry contact relays
  • Compliant with dynamic positioning system and other ship systems: VDR, electrical power system (EPS), integrated control system for technical facilities (ICS TF), alarm warning system (AWS), conning display, etc.
  • Based on state-of-the-art high-performance processor
  • Uninterruptible PSU provides autonomous power up to 30 minutes
  • Software self-test of the System
  • Non-volatile error and alarm history.
  • Wiring diagram
Parameter Value
Supply voltage
  • main and standby power: 220 V 50/60 Hz (automatic switching)
  • autonomous operation up to 10 minutes (from standard power supply unit)
Power consumption 0.8 kW
Built-in protection Power circuits:
  • galvanic isolation (up to 1500 V)
Interface inputs and outputs:
  • galvanic isolation of power mains
  • galvanic isolation of groups (4 pcs.), galvanic coupling within the group
Number of ports Digital (interface) inputs/outputs:
  • 2 х RS-422/232 (NMEA)
  • 4 x RS-422/485 (Modbus, NMEA) galvanically isolated (signaling and power circuits)
  • 6 x inputs (4..20 mA, max. load 500 Ohm)
  • 4 x outputs (4..20 mA, max. load 500 Ohm) galvanically isolated (signaling and power circuits)
Logic (discrete)
  • 24 х inputs, for dry contact signals (24 V DC 0.5 W max.), galvanic isolation of groups (4 pcs.)
  •  40 х outputs, dry contact type (30 V DC max. 5 A; 250 V AC max. 5 A)
Number of connected remote control panels
  • up to 2 pcs. (w/o switching module)
  • up to 6 pcs. (one switching module)
  • up to 16 pcs. (cascade connection of several switching modules)
Operational limitations
IP rating IP22; IP44
Operating temperature –10… +55 °C