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Ship’s Automatic Telephone Exchange (PABX), type ITS-1004


Ship’s Automatic Telephone Exchange (PABX), type ITS-1004

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The ITS-1004 automatic marine telephone system ensures telephone communication between rooms and stations of submarines, vessels of all classes, and with users of coastal telephone networks during anchorage. The system can be also used for industrial applications.

— Up to 64 analogue users, up to 12 external lines
— Wide range of internal and external line combinations
— Automatic switchover to standby power
— Integration with command public address and loudspeaker systems (ICB-131 and TPA-1007) produced by OOO “NPK “MSA”
— The system is PC programmed
— Communication can be established by wired line and radio channel
— Value added services.
  • Wiring diagram
Technical specifications
Parameter Value
Ports 64 internal and 12 external lines
Audio input (AUX)
An output for external public address system
Relay ports
Main power 220V 50/60Hz
Standby power 24 VDC (automatic switchover)
Max power consumption 100W ITS-CUA-0308, ITS‑CUA-0316, ITS-CUA-0324 200W ITS-CUA--0632, ITS-CUA-0640, ITS-CUA-0648, ITS-CUA-0656, ITS-CUA-0664