City river cruises and passenger transportations


Length 19.9 m
Width 5.2 m
Freeboard 1.3 m
Freeboard draft 0.9 m
Hull steel
Displacement up to 33 t
Crew 2 persons
Passengers (including open decks) 80 persons
Main engines 2x45 kW
Batteries LFP up to 400 kW ⋅h (optional LTO up to 150 kW ⋅h)
Range in economy mode 10 hours / 120 km


  • Zero emission
  • Noiseless
  • Comfortable
  • Low opex costs
  • Edgy design

Mass transit

Business class, 24 cabin seats, 44 persons on the open deck

Economy class, 36 cabin seats, 44 persons on the open deck


Restaurant / cafe, 30 persons

Transforming interior

Modular design based on quick joints of the central armrest makes it possible to transform the interior for any specific purpose.

  • Tabletop
  • The armrest is divided into two parts

Standard module allows for creating different cabin's arrangements.

Charging station

  • Onshore — bidirectional inverters 75 kW to 5000 kW

  • Floating berth — li-ion ess LFP, LTO

Vessel systems made by MSA

100% entire MSA production

75% turn-key systems made by MSA

  • Power management system
  • Intercom systems
  • Sound reception system
  • Weather station
  • Inclinometer
  • Security CCTV system
  • Displays, AIO PCs, repeaters, data conversion units

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Marine air conditioners «KAS»

  • Nominal cooling capacity from 5 to 42 kW
  • Automatic maintenance of the set air temperature
  • The execution of the air conditioner for the outlet of the treated air - with a plenum (into the room) or duct (into the duct)
  • Low airborne noise and vibration when operating the air conditioner
  • Ozone-safe refrigerant R407c (basic version)
  • Application of highly efficient compressors, fans, evaporators, condensers as part of an air conditioner
  • Using seawater or fresh water as a cooling medium for a condenser
  • Direct drive fan
  • Removable front and rear panels for access and maintenance
  • Outdoor air supply
  • Pressure take-off fitting for condensing pressure regulator valve

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Bidirectional converter «PAPIR»

Bidirectional converter on base of frequency converter with AFE “PAPIR” series is produced in the power range 1 - 5 MW and has a wide range of applications in various power supply systems for users who need to change direct current to alternating one. It is one of two main elements of any ESS based on lithium-ion batteries.

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Energy storage system «Prometheus»

Prometheus Systems are intended to ensure uninterruptible power supply to systems of megawatt class, electrical power supply of vessels with fully electric or hybrid propulsion systems, to store redundant electricity for solar and wind farms, to provide extra electricity power to grids in the peak hours and smooth out extra loads of power generating units.

Energy Storage Systems are manufactured in compliance with operating requirements for industrial sites and sea transport, providing excellent safety of energy storage modules.

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