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Marine electronics


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Periscope / Periscope Ship weather station ″Periscope″
ICB-131 / ICB-131 Digital Talk-Back System ICB-131
NS-201 / NS-201 External sound reception system
YKRM-1 / YKRM-1 Advanced isolated operator workstation
BTS-1006 / BTS-1006 Battery less telephone system
TPA-1007 / TPA-1007 Public Adress System/Command Talk-Back System, type TPA-1007
TPA-1907 / TPA-1907 Public address system/ general alarm system, type TPA-1907
SCS-1002 / SCS-1002 Hospital and refrigerator alarm system
ITS-1004 / ITS-1004 Ship’s Automatic Telephone Exchange (PABX), type ITS-1004
ITS-1010 / ITS-1010 Digital integrated shipboard communication system, type ITS-1010
DVS-2003 / DVS-2003 Ship Security Surveillance TV System
AHS-1022 / AHS-1022 Antenna heating system

Propulsion systems
Propulsion systems
LAT-219 / LAT-219 Azimuth lever
SURK-1005 / SURK-1005 Propulsion-steering column control system ensures
TCS-1011 / TCS-1011 Thruster remote control system TCS-1011

Electric power supply devices
Electric power supply devices
PS-103 / PS-103 Power supply unit
PS-103-20 / PS-103-20 Power Supply unit
PS-203 / PS-203 Power supply unit
PS-203-35 / PS-203-35 Power Supply Unit
PS-203-40 / PS-203-40 Power supply unit
PS-203-50 / PS-203-50 Power Supply Unit
PS-203-60 / PS-203-60 Power supply unit
PS-303 / PS-303 Power supply unit
CH-105 / CH-105 Automatic battery charger
PCH-205 / PCH-205 Power Supply unit / charger
CH-105-24 / CH-105-24 Automatic Battery Charger
DC-108 / DC-108 DC/DC converter
DC-108-1000 / DC-108-1000 DC/DC converter
BPS-114 / BPS-114 Power supply unit
BPS-114-24 / BPS-114-24 Power supply unit
BCP-136 / BCP-136 Battery control panel
BMU-126 / BMU-126 Battery power measurement unit
FB-137 / FB-137 Fuse box
KP-124 / KP-124 Junction box
APS-120 / APS-120 Automatic power transfer switch
RB-239 / RB-239 Relay box
DTS-135 / DTS-135 Temperature sensor
SB-138 / SB-138 Shunt box

Data conversion and distribution devices
Data conversion and distribution devices
MFC-151 / MFC-151 Multifunctional converter
MDU-102 / MDU-102 Amplifier-multiplier of NMEA signals
ADU-202 / ADU-202 NMEA 0183 signal multiplicator
RS-104 / RS-104 Bidirectional RS-232/422 converter
NC-117 / NC-117 NMEA Data combiner
NC-217 / NC-217 Summator-combiner of NMEA signal (sentences)
DFR-118 / DFR-118 Multipurpose data converter

Communication and interface converters
Communication and interface converters
ADPC-101 / ADPC-101 Analog-digital converter
NTA-115 / NTA-115 NMEA 0183 to AD-10S converter
DAC-109 / DAC-109 Course Translator
ADS-111 / ADS-111 NMEA signal amplifier
IWR-123 / IWR-123 Pulse width controller
T-140 / T-140 Transformer module

Video and audio interfaces
Video and audio interfaces
VI-116 / VI-116 VDR/SVDR VHF-station interface
VGA-119 / VGA-119 VGA interface

Alarm devices and systems
Alarm devices and systems
AU-106 / AU-106 Alarm unit
AU-206 / AU-206 Alarm unit

Lighting, indication and power regulation devices
Lighting, indication and power regulation devices
DM-107 / DM-107 Dimmer
DM-207 / DM-207 Dimmer DM-207
DMS-112 / DMS-112 Reception and control device (10/20 channels)
L-112-xx / L-112-xx Lamp

Repeaters and indicators
Repeaters and indicators
DR-109 / DR-109 Universal digital repeater
DR-209 / DR-209 Universal digital repeater
DR-209M / DR-209M Universal digital repeater
DR-309 / DR-309 Course repeater

Computers, displays, panel PC
Computers, displays, panel PC
MV-xx04 (MV-xx05) / MV-xx04 (MV-xx05) Marine display
MV-xx06 (MV-xx07) / MV-xx06 (MV-xx07) Marine display
MVPC-xx04 (MVPC-xx05) / MVPC-xx04 (MVPC-xx05) Marine panel personal computer series 4 and 5 (widescreen)
MVPC-xx06 (MVPC-xx07) / MVPC-xx06 (MVPC-xx07) Marine panel personal computer series 6 and 7 (widescreen)
MPC-127 (MPC-19-4) / MPC-127 (MPC-19-4) Computer system unit
MV-1901F / MV-1901F LCD display (replace the standard cathode-ray tube at the Furuno Radar Station FR-2115/2125)

Keyboards and manipulators
Keyboards and manipulators
TBK-xxxx / TBK-xxxx Keyboards with trackball
TCK-xxxx / TCK-xxxx Keyboards with touchpad
K-xxxx / K-xxxx Keyboards
TCM-xxxx / TCM-xxxx Touchpad manipulator
TBM-xxxx / TBM-xxxx Trackball manipulators
M-xxxx / M-xxxx Computer mouse
UKT-801 / UKT-801 Keyboard

Heating systems UNITHERM
Heating systems UNITHERM
UT-xxxS / UT-xxxS Marine convection heater
UT-xxxC / UT-xxxC Marine convection heater
AHS-1022 / AHS-1022 Antenna heating system

KRB-130 / KRB-130 Keyboard-relay unit
SCB-133 / SCB-133 Connection box for Inmarsat mini-С SAILOR