UniPower LTO

High life-time lithium-titanate (LTO) battery cabinets

Made in Russia

System UniPower LTO is the ideal choice for users with high peak hours to provide storage and energy output, combining high operational reliability and super long life, more than 25 000 life cycles of operation.


  • Standby storage batteries for renewable energy sources and power plants
  • Hybrid and fully electrical drive systems
  • Fast charging systems with outstanding high power
  • Effective load allocation on power plants
  • Reserve service for industrial plants
  • Mobile complexes for energy storage
  • Mobile drilling units
  • Uninterruptible power supply units with operation temperature -50 ºС

Modular design allows adapting battery configuration:

  • For any system voltage up to 1000V
  • For stationary and mobile use
  • For any power up to 10MW

Advantages and features:

  • “Turn-key” system
  • Quick and convenient module replacement
  • Simple charging stations integration
  • Ready component of Smart-grid systems


  • SOH system to control cell ageing and cycle
  • SOC control for each cell
  • Li-ion LTO cells for excellent safety
  • Control system provides emergency shut-down for further service and repair
  • Black box to store operation records and emergencies


Electrical characteristics


204-300 V


44.2 kW·h


288 kW / 960 kW – 10 sec for impulse mode

Current (1 С)

160 А

Nominal specific energy

46 W·h/kg

Nominal energy density

47 W·h/l

Cycle life 2С, +25ºС, 100% DOD ≥80% from nominal density


Nominal mode


2 С


2 С

Max continuous


6 С


6 С

Mechanical characteristics


up to 950 kg


790х1700х710 mm

Operation conditions

Optimum temperature range

+25ºС (±5ºС)

Life time (if operated according to Technical manual), not less than

25 years

Dimensional drawing

A, mm B, mm C, mm
UniPower LTO 200 1700 790 710
UniPower LTO 300 2300 790 710