Bidirectional converter "PAPIR" up to 5 MW


Bidirectional converter on base of frequency converter with AFE “PAPIR” series is produced in the power range 1 - 5 MW and has a wide range of applications in various power supply systems for users who need to change direct current to alternating one. It is one of two main elements of any ESS based on lithium-ion batteries.

Voltage converter with pulse width modulation and active rectifier based on high-power IGBT transistors. SEMIKRON power converter assemblies, which are highly resistant to harsh environmental conditions and temperature cycling, act as transistors.

The converter microcontrollers of the PAPIR series are based on up-to-date ARM STMicroelectronics processor with 180 mln flops performance. The converter control system provides high quality control with a maintaining accuracy of output frequency 0.1%. The converter supports vector (both with and w/o encoder) and scalar (w/o encoder) types of motor control.


Brief specifications
Rated output power, MW 1.2 2.4
Max power consumption (including overload), MW 1.855 3.711
Input power 3х690V, 50Hz
Output voltage, V 0…690
Rated output current, A 1005 2010
Overload capacity, % 120% - 60s., 150% - 3s. (after 10 min)
Output frequency, Hz 0…60
Power factor cos φ (rated speed) 0.95
Coefficient of efficiency, % 97
Generated thermal power, kW 42 78
Nominal flow rate of cooling fluid, l/min 40 72